Yayoi Kusama: When kids are given stickers they do this

January 2nd, 2012

What started as a seemingly simple, delicate room turned into an amazing sticker installation. Yayoi Kusama masterminded this for the Gallery of Modern Art in Brisbane. Over the course of two weeks, children who visited the museum were given stickers to place where they wished. The installation, entitled The Obliteration Room.

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  1. davegkugler says:

    Likely a similar pattern for the germs they spread. =]

  2. TK says:

    Haha, SAAAWEEET, lol!!! That is a sticker collection to be proud of,

  3. The Attic says:

    Seriously seriously wish that I had thought of this!! Although… how did the kids reach the ceiling to put stickers up there…?

  4. Sandra says:

    How creative!

  5. Eric Wyttenbach says:

    I saw this in person! It was really insane, but so is Yayoi Kusama. Wish they did a time lapse of this room. What made this experience for me was the audio chaos in addition to the visual chaos. There was a piano (white and covered with dots) and kids were pounding on it throwing random notes all over the room. It was perfect.

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