Overgrown House in Hungary

December 1st, 2011

Houses overgrown in plants or vines have always been mysteriously cool. This beautiful home is located on the sloping hills of Hungary and was designed by architect Satoshi Okada. The home was built for a photographer by the name of Tomasz Gudzowatyon. The amazing images shown here of the houses are actually 3D renders by CG artist Viktor Fretyan.

The house is divided into four slender cores standing alongside beech trees. Primarily the outside of the house is composed from slabs of cement. The living areas are connected to the surrounding environment by large glass walls.

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  1. Epic house! Perfect balance of bliss with the modern design combined with the beauty of nature.

  2. Jesse says:

    Fretyan must have been inspired by the work of Julius Shulman (not surprisingly). Shulman had a way of using foreground in amazing ways to frame and define the feel of a space. Fretyan seems to have nailed a similar strategy. I love the shot of the side glazing with the tree and flower slightly in frame on the left. And the shot with birds flying overhead is really nice as well, but I couldn’t help think “put a bird on it!”

  3. niki says:

    hi.. amazing work .. may i asked you if possible to share the exterior model structure? i’m rendering just for practice only .. im a student ..thank you

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