Austrian Exposed House on a Hill

November 16th, 2011

This house is located on the steep slopes of Austria 4,365 feet above sea level. The house is occupied by a pianist who retreated here for what I would assume the most obvious reason—serenity. The large windows allow for an amazing view of the untouched valley below. All of the materials used in building this great home were untreated: concrete, wood, glade, and metal.

Via Spiluttini

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  1. DR AMANI says:

    its such a nice design i love it, its very simple house with anice view

  2. Peter Ballantyne says:

    Hi, I like the look for a ‘house on a slope’. Is the footing for the foundation stepped 4 times?

  3. Allison Lynch says:

    Such a simple design. I like it

  4. ibrahim almomani says:

    it is such a nice house …
    can you us the plans

  5. ibrahim almomani says:

    it is such a nice house …
    can you show us the plans

  6. Dara Hawlairi says:

    Please send me the construction plans

    kind regards

  7. Mrs.malik khawar says:

    Kindly send me the details and houseplan of this house.

  8. Afsal says:

    Nice interior designs
    Kindly send me the house plan and details

  9. Carlos Lopez says:

    Send me the construction Plans, I Living in PR our Land is very same to Austria we have Slope and mountain… very nice House.

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