Galvani House by Christian Pottgiesser

November 4th, 2011

Architect Christian Pottgiesser transformed a pre-existing three story mansion in Paris, France into a much more interesting space powered by angles and a slight mid-century modern feel. The new house consisted of six spaces: entrance, cooking/eating/light, hosting/light, hosting/not being seen/light/garden, watching movies with friends, car. The urban garden serves as the upper skin of the concrete surface, containing the kitchen, dining area and garage. These are lit by two patios, jotting through the surface.

The power of three dimensional design proofed its right in a single amorph surface that structures all these complex demands. Linking the doorstep of the old building and the new entrance it stretches, curves and bends, adapting to the program beneath, above and in face of it. From the street it’s acting in stealth mode, where the only element drawing attention is the few hundred tons weighing brick block, hovering above the garden and two glass walls, pierced by a preserved lime tree.

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