33rd Street Oceanside Malibu Residence

October 6th, 2011

Houses in Malibu are intriguing. To live that close to the ocean and hear the roar of the waves throughout the day while there is a perfectly lit sky above you for the majority of the year. It’s charming and it does pull you in like quicksand.

The architects Rockefeller Partners took the 420 sq. meter lot and designed the home accordingly. The contemporary design contrasts with the surrounding houses as if sitting amongst several ugly ducklings.

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  1. drew kora says:

    love it. a little too much wood, though, for my tastes. want to see more stone or textiles on the interior.

  2. cristinemcc says:

    Spectacular house! I agree with drew kora about the over abundance of wood & lack of other materials-it gives me the feeling of the interior of a ship which I like. I subscribe to Contemporist & this house completely surpasses anything they showcase.

  3. davevsdave says:

    Everything about this home is awesome, but the last photo trumps the rest. I could spend a lifetime sitting on that top floor watching the waves roll in.

    The only thing that bugs me slightly is the second to last photo of the bathroom… seems like an oversight not to obscure the plumbing coming from the sink.

  4. Shelby White says:

    Dave, you’re totally right about the bathroom. To me it looks like intention to leave it viewable, but I’d much more prefer it be hidden as well.

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