Steve Jobs Full Documentary

October 6th, 2011

http%3A// all know just how much Steve Jobs has done for our industry. It’s a sad time to see him pass on. He and the Apple team have completely changed the world through inspiring and uniting all those who have, wish to have, or own Apple products. As a reminder of where we would be standing right now without the work of Apple, I’d like to share this full documentary with you.

The documentary was aired on Bloomberg in 2010 and is 48 minutes long and every minute is worth watching. Share this with those also using Apple products.

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  1. Shelby White says:

    Just stumbled across this book as well about Steve which is supposed to be a really good read:

  2. gmz says:


  3. Jussi says:

    Very nice documentary. I found the same at in one piece and with a lot better quality:

  4. I worked at Apple for 4 years. This news is pretty intense for my friends and I. We made a video of us remembering Steve.

  5. This is awesome Shelby thanks for sharing!

    After watching this here’s my conspiracy theory: Did anyone else pickup on Steve coming back to Apple and becoming the interim CEO or the iCEO as one of the slides shows? I think he put the ‘i’ in products such as the iPhone/iPad/iPod/iMac as to say “There is no ‘I’ in ‘Team’ but it is ‘i’ who will lead this company to change the world.” in turn iThink it was his way of tastefully retaliating against the company that abandoned him early on. a middle finger and a smirk if you will.

    Anyhow my $.02 Great video, VERY insightful. We have lost an icon.

  6. Sean Wood says:

    Thanks for posting this. Watched it all.

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