Unusual Modern Seattle Leschi Area Home

September 12th, 2011

The exterior of this home—located in the Leschi area of Seattle—feels reminiscent of the bunkers from Jurassic Park. The angled garage hangers, tall glass windows and the landscaping mingling with the concrete all contribute to this very strange feel.

The interior of the house is intriguing. When inside, we’re welcomed by modern appliances and spacious rooms. The upper levels of the home have large windows allowing for views of Lake Washington. I believe the home recently sold for $1,295,000.

Found on Fresh Home

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  1. Brad S. says:

    OK, that’s cool. It’s kind of disjointed and the lines aren’t super clean. It’s an eclectic mix of weird angles and supports but I like it!

  2. Manish says:

    Au dzaan, tan zaan lamazad iko gaoulmebfriAscorebs redisonis verandaAu kide prikoli iko vigac bizakacma ro gacheda, am sastumros redisoni qartulad ratom ar aceriao, imenna ambebi chaatara

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